F1 Wraith™ Outlaw Kart

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The 2022 F1 Wraith, is the most complete
pro-level kart you can buy on the market....period.


Toigo racing was the first major kart
manufacturer to implement offset chassis
technology in outlaw kart racing.

The Wraith™ chassis with its proprietary design,
manufacturing techniques and track record is the only offset chassis purpose built for outlaw kart racing.

Why be a photocopy, when you can be a Wraith

** Red highlights show additional F1 features not on the GT

• Powder coated frame
• Toigo “Floating” cage
• Toigo Hyperlink™ Receivers, springs & pins
• Toigo ULTRA Lite Wheel
• Toigo™ Custom Bolt on Steering Quick Release
• Steering shaft (23”)
• Toigo custom Seat cradle
• Toe lock kit
• MCP brake system
• Toigo™ Custom catch can, chain & fuel tank
• Kevlar brake and throttle lines with billet clamps
• All Zinc high performance heims
• Toigo™ Pro Heavy duty spindles

• Toigo™ Zinc Axle
• Toigo™ High Velocity Black Out Bearings
• Ultralite sprocket hub
• Toigo Advanced Control Pedals
• Toigo™ Bolt on Pedal Extensions with Toe Extentions
• Standard Non-Full Enclosure Kirkey seat with Cover
• Impact Cam lock belts 2"
• Hoosier Treaded Tires (1 Set)

• Toigo fiberglass Hood (Choose from 3 options)
• Toigo fiberglass tail
• Toigo™ Right Side fiberglass panel and Left side arm guard
• Toigo box stock aluminum wing (NOT powdered)
• Toigo custom wing rails and adjuster bars
Toigo™ Axis Nerf Bars
• High Impact Wing kart front bumper
• High Impact Chassis mount rear bumper
• Authentic Toigo components

If you've been racing and already have some
of the necessary components, the GT Wraith
might be the model for you.

Click here to go to see the GT Wraith