Total Seal Rings Low Tension STD 196CC 68MM

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These 196cc(68mm) rings are made using only the highest quality materials, the tightest tolerances, and under the strictest quality control procedures during production to develop the most consistent low tension ring set money can buy. The rings are lapped in during production to their final size and ultimately provide a better seal between the piston and rings. They come with a file to fit top ring, and both the scraper and oil rings come with a tighter end gap. They are designed for a quicker break in time, lower friction, a better seal, and less blow by. Total Seal low tension ring sets eliminate all the trouble and headache of trying to heat shrink your rings and then having to deal with all the inconsistencies in the end.

All of our low tension ring sets are designed and built to meet and fall into the legal specs of all sanctioning bodies.

We have the following ring sets available. Stock(68mm), +.005”, and +.010”.

Made in the USA by Total Seal Piston Rings