Tillotson 196R Racing Base Engine, No Flywheel

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The Tillotson 196R Box Stock racing engine was developed to meet technical specification of the AKRA, NKA and WKA rulebooks. Tillotson's goal is to have the first 'spec' 196cc box stock engine that never changes from batch to batch. Tillotson has accomplished this by building their own factory and assembly line in china. This eliminates the struggle importers and dealers have with consistency by Tillotson having engines purposely assembled to tighter specs for the box stock class not a generator engine with a good flowing head. Tillotson sought the best quality manufacturers and have cherry picked parts for their engines. 
Engine does not include Fuel Tank, Flywheel, Clutch, Top plate, Filter adapter or exhaust

This is considered a race engine, we will log customers name address and date of purchase

Engine Specs:

  • JT-207 Tillotson Head
  • PK-1A TIllotson Box Stock Carburetor
  • Tillotson Designed Race Cam
  • 45% Lower Tension Rings designed for box stock racing
  • +.010 Rod
  • Light Weight Lifters
  • Stainless Steel Push Rods
  • Short Valves 
  • Tillotson Race Coil
  • Hardened Bolts
  • Premium Polymer  Valve Cover Gasket
  • Premium Polymer  Oil Seals
  • Valve Cover w/Pulse fitting

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