My-Chron 4 Expansion Box (Gold)

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MyChron4 eBox are external expansion modules that let you further expand the already great potentialities of your MyChron4.

     They allow the sampling of many more data in order to satisfy also the most demanding and experienced kart driver, enabling to the most accurate analysis of your kart.

     Moreover, thanks to eBox, you can create track map on your PC and provide a complete overview of your kart performances, processing data coming from internal accelerometer and speed sensor. You will be able to know right away speed, temperatures, RPM and much more in any point of the track as well as to point out where on the track you get best lap time.

     MyChron4 eBox can also be connected to GPS module, LCU-ONE Lambda controller, Data Hub and to the Data key, that allows you to download data on a PC and analyse them with Race Studio 2, the free software supplied with the eBox and downloadable here.

Through eBox Gold your MyChron4 can sample:

  • Speed
  • Two temperatures in addition to the default one
  • RPM
  • Internal Accelerometer
  • Lap time
  • Data coming through the CAN bus

    Technical Characteristics

  • Internal (two additional 9V batteries) or external power
  • Two additional temperatures
  • CAN connection to external expansion modules
  • Data download and analysis with Race Studio 2 software


  • System dimensions: 100 x 76 x 42 mm
  • System weight: 280 g (internal additional batteries excluded)
  • Waterproof IP65