EC 3rd Bearing Support for GX200/Clone/Predator 212 Engines

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The EC 3rd Bearing Support with the Heavy Duty Blower Housing is made to increase block rigidity and stabilize the flywheel and crankshaft.

The 3rd bearing support prevents the crankshaft from flexing to help prevent distortion from damaging the crank. We intergraded the 3rd bearing support into the heavy-duty blower housing on the outside of the flywheel. The support on the outermost part of the flywheel is far more effective at reducing crankshaft flex caused by the block and flywheel than one placed underneath the flywheel.

Kit Components:
- Heavy Duty Blower Housing (Do not use 3rd bearing supports on other blower housings.)
- Billet Aluminum Bearing Support
- Starter Shaft/Nut
- Ball Bearing
- Exclusive Aluminum Blower Housing Cover
- 3rd Bearing Support Mounting Hardware.

- Honda GX200
- Clone 196
- Predator 212
- Tillotson 196/212/225
- Ducar 196/212
- Wildcat 223

Note: The 3rd bearing support is not a direct fit to the ARC Billet Crankshaft Setups.