BUILT IN THE MIDWEST, for short tracks in the midwest

GT Wraith™ Outlaw Kart

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  • $ 4,499

The 2021 GT Wraith, is our standard outlaw kart.

Toigo racing was the first major kart
manufacturer to implement offset chassis
technology in outlaw kart racing.

The Wraith™ chassis with its proprietary design,
manufacturing techniques and track record is the only offset chassis purpose built for outlaw kart racing.

Why be a photocopy, when you can be a Wraith™

• Powder coated frame
• Toigo “Floating” cage
• Toigo Hyperlink™ Receivers, springs & pins
• Toigo ULTRA Lite Wheel
• Toigo™ Custom Bolt on Steering Quick Release
• Steering shaft (23”)
• Toigo custom Seat cradle
• Toe lock kit
• MCP brake system
• Toigo™ High Velocity Black Out Bearings
• Ultralite sprocket hub
• Toigo Advanced Control Pedals
• Toigo fiberglass Hood (Choose from 3 options)
• Toigo fiberglass tail
• Toigo box stock aluminum wing (NOT powdered)
• Toigo custom wing rails and adjuster bars
• High Impact Wing kart specific nerf bars
• High Impact Wing kart front bumper
• High Impact Chassis mount rear bumper
• Authentic Toigo components

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