17-2835XC 2.835" 3 Ring Wisco Piston W/Rings and Clips No Pin

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2.835" Bore 3 Ring Wiseco Piston W/Rings and Clips no Pin. 2.835"(72mm) bore with a .640" compression height and a .490" wrist pin bore.

These pistons are the same style Wiseco pistons we have sold for years just in a three ring version for a better ring seal at high RPMs. Light weight forgings designed for maximum strength and dependability. Internal micro-penned finish that reduces possible stress fractures. They are designed to be used on the Honda Clone 196cc and Predator 212cc factory OEM cranks with our 3.595 drop in billet connecting rods for the Honda/Clone (6234) and the Hemi/Non Hemi Predator 212 (6236). Additional machining to the piston dome is not recommended, Pistons come with rings and clips, use HD wrist pin # 6521 sold separately.